Xi Chapter Hosts Forum during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Campus Conversation on Creating Allies Against Sexual Violence: Creating a Culture of Healthy Masculinities within the Greek Community

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
St. Anthony Hall
207 Pittsboro Street
7:00PM – 9:00PM

St. Anthony Hall is a gender-inclusive literary & visual arts fraternity. We are a group of students, brought together by our love of the arts, who have developed a passion for changing the way our Greek organization addresses issues of sexual assault.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, we hope to open up our unique space to the community (students, faculty, CH/Carrboro community members, etc.) to host a Campus Conversation about how we can all work to address sexual violence in this community.

We will be talking about how members of fraternities can serve as allies, healthy masculinities, LGBTQ identities, and campus resources and support systems. We hope that in opening up a dialogue for differing voices and perspectives, we can move towards finding ways to empower every member in the Carolina community to be proactive in changing the culture of violence on and off campus.

See the Facebook invitation and join the conversation if you can.


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Getting ready for Swing Out 2015, I discovered a picture from 1996 when we had the main meeting at the Carolina Union. A stroll back through campus provided us with a lovely backdrop for a group picture.

Swing Out 1996
(Rear, L-R) Hop Swift, KJ Garner, Charlie Covell, Matt Weisman
(Front L-R) Cynthia Bellman, Michael Williams, Aaron Bush, Sarah Burns

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Coco Wilder X’12 Featured on Oxford American website

A painful and beautiful recollection of time spent during a period of grief.

In retrospect, it was a self-destructive decision to live with an ex’s best friend. The three of us were members of the art and literary fraternity and one day after spring break, sitting in its hodge-podge living room, Andrew asked if he could be my summer roommate while my usual roommate was away. The prospect had thrilled me. Not only was he wicked funny; he was generous with his own laughter.


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Siblings In the News

So many siblings in the news!

The News & Observer series “Double Life” recently featured Michael Williams X’96. The series brings to light artists and other creative folks “hidden in plain sight”. Read the story on the N&O’s website.

A lovely write-up of  Peter Grimes X’97, assistant professor of English at Dickinson State University (ND), is available to read at the Dickinson Press.

Physical activity can positively impact academic achievement, and Mary Alicia Lyons X’91 puts that to the test in her Morris Grove Elementary classroom by using modules from the Walking Classroom. Story from the Daily Tar Heel.

Long Live Uncle Tony

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St. Anthony Day Traditions from Sardinia

Detail from a painting of Saint Anthony by Piero di Cosimo, c.1480, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

This would be a pretty nifty event to get to on some January 17th, someday. Hat tip to Brother Adam Daland for the link.

In the village of Mamoiada, the bonfires of Sant’Antonio offer a supernatural background to another event, a lot more important to local people; the first yearly procession of mamuthones and issohadores, masked characters unique to the town. Smoke billows in twirls from the fires, a sleety rain falls, interspersed with bright spells; then a double-arched rainbow appears, crossing the mountainous expanse east of town.

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More snaps for Xi actives for accolades at GC

I just gotta squee, y’all, about how great GC was down in Oxford at the Phi Chapter. Of course, having an army of Phis means one can accomplish pretty much anything; but if you were at the Phi house on Saturday night and then again on Sunday morning, your eyes feasted on an amazing transformation.

Xi actives were out in FULL FORCE, representing as the second largest active chapter attendance after Phi. Xi grads were out in force as well! The GC was witness to the installation of Sis Sandy (Kent) Carielli K’95 as the head of the National fraternity as well as the election of Bro Peter Pendergrass X’07 to replace Sis Elizabeth “Beef” Peacock X’05 on the GC. The representation of Xi on the national level remains strong.

The LD Trophy went to Sis Courtney Coppage X’10; the Ames Singing Award went to the Xi Chapter and the award for Most Improved Meeting went to the Xi Chapter.

I brought my camera for the first time in years and got some decent shots, though Sis Jordan Price X’09 bested me in the quantity department. The bulk of photos can be seen on the Delta Psi Facebook group; if you’re not in the Facebook group, you’ll need to befriend someone who is in it so you can be added. (I’m happy to do that – you can find me on there as KJ Garner.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this shot of all the Xians who were in attendance (and Alex Cook D’74 who snuck in the back of the shot!)

Xi xi xi xi xi
Look at all these beautiful faces.

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