Dear Uncle Tony: Season 1, Episode 01

Hey there! Welcome to the very first episode of Dear Uncle Tony, the literary, arts, and storytelling podcast of the Xi chapter of St. Anthony Hall. Our goal with this podcast is to bring Xi brethren closer together by collecting and spreading our work to St. A’s all over the world. We’re going to have a little bit of everything: original music, poetry, and essays; Hall stories both new and old; and interviews with Xi alumni. Also, this is a podcast for adults, so be prepared for some saucy, salacious, or irreverent language.


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2016 Barrett/John Selection

The Barrett/John Award, named for Bro. Jonathan Barrett Ξ’97 and Sis. Betsy John Ξ’99, is given by the St. Anthony Association of North Carolina to an active member presenting a revised piece of work (be it written or visual in nature). In return for their hard work, SAANC provides the recipient with a paid registration to the GC.

We are pleased to present this year’s selection for your reading pleasure. (more…)

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Andrea Young X’91 Awarded Nazim Hikmet Poetry Prize

Andrea Young X'91
Andrea Young X’91

At the seventh annual Nâzım Hikmet Poetry Festival, Andrea Young X’91 was selected as one of seven winners of the poetry competition associated with the festival. Young was selected out of 337 submissions as reviewed by a five-person panel. Congratulations!

You can read more about the poetry prize at the Nâzım Hikmet website. The website states the winning poetry will be published in the festival book and on the website, so check there soon.

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Swing Out 2015 Awards

Certificate of Award presented at Swing Out 2015. Photo by Lucy Thomas.
Certificate of Award presented at Swing Out 2015. Photo by Lucy Thomas.

The following awards were presented at Swing Out 2015:

David Judson “Friend of the Treasury” Award – Bill Waring X’61
Swift Award for academic improvement – Hannah Hodge X’14
Steven Coleman Award – Hannah Jones X’14
Grahame Wood Award for Hall Spirit – Lucy Thomas X’14
Coolest Alum Award – David “Commodore” Joyner X’08
Brooke Gardiner Award – Jen Myers X’14

Barrett/John Award (for work presented in a meeting, revised, then presented again) – Alice Wilder X’14 for “Inheritance”

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Coco Wilder X’12 Featured on Oxford American website

A painful and beautiful recollection of time spent during a period of grief.

In retrospect, it was a self-destructive decision to live with an ex’s best friend. The three of us were members of the art and literary fraternity and one day after spring break, sitting in its hodge-podge living room, Andrew asked if he could be my summer roommate while my usual roommate was away. The prospect had thrilled me. Not only was he wicked funny; he was generous with his own laughter.


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Siblings In the News

So many siblings in the news!

The News & Observer series “Double Life” recently featured Michael Williams X’96. The series brings to light artists and other creative folks “hidden in plain sight”. Read the story on the N&O’s website.

A lovely write-up of  Peter Grimes X’97, assistant professor of English at Dickinson State University (ND), is available to read at the Dickinson Press.

Physical activity can positively impact academic achievement, and Mary Alicia Lyons X’91 puts that to the test in her Morris Grove Elementary classroom by using modules from the Walking Classroom. Story from the Daily Tar Heel.

Long Live Uncle Tony

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Letters of Note: A lot of people believe that beauty is some kind of conspiracy

A beautiful letter from Kurt Vonnegut to an inquirer seeking support for a start-up theatre company.

I congratulate you people on being in the raging mainstream of the arts. It is commercial artists like myself who operate in the backwaters. I inhabit still, tepid waters clogged with dollar bills. I never see people. I’ve forgotten all about them.

Letters of Note: A lot of people believe that beauty is some kind of conspiracy.

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