Swing Out 2016 Awards

Quincy Rife, right, reacts as the Barrett/John Award Committee names her as the 2016 recipient of the award, which includes a paid registration to the GC in January.
Quincy Rife, right, reacts as the Barrett/John Award Committee names her as the 2016 recipient of the award, which includes a paid registration to the GC in January.

The following awards were presented at Swing Out 2016:

David Judson “Friend of the Treasury” Award – Bro. Adam Daland X’00
Swift Award for academic improvement – Bro. Ace Lane X’14
Steven Coleman Award – Sis. Hannah Jones X’14
Grahame Wood Award for Hall Spirit – Bro. Dallas Hopkins X’15
Coolest Alum Award – Bro. John Matthews X’68
Brooke Gardiner Award – Bro. Christian Haig X’15

Barrett/John Award (for work presented in a meeting, revised, then presented again) – Sib. Quincy Rife X’15 for “Leland”


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Happy Hallidays – Saturday, Dec 26, 2015

Fullwood, Antczak, and Haddock
Shelley Fullwood, Brian Antczak, & Gaby Haddock at the Hallidays event in 2009

This year’s Happy Hallidays gathering will be hosted by Sis. LeAnn Sherman X’96 and her husband, Fraser, on Saturday December 26th from 6p – 1a. For address and directions, please drop an email to the SAANC events coordinator!

From LeAnn:

Food, drink and literary-themed games provided. There is no need to bring anything except your awesomeness. If you would like to bring something, please bring drinks instead of food. (Our dogs can find the slightest bit of dropped bad-for-dogs food and vacuum it up in a nanosecond).

Hope to see many of you there!

Party ends promptly at 1 am because we are old. :)

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1860s Signature Book from Xi Chapter Enters University Archives

1863 signature bookThe UNC University Library is pleased to announce the donation of a precious artifact from the Xi Chapter of St. Anthony Hall (Delta Psi) and the St. Anthony Association of North Carolina, their associated alumni organization. This artifact is an autograph book that includes the signatures of members of Delta Psi from the 1860s, many of whom were killed in the Civil War.

The Xi Chapter of St. Anthony Hall was founded on November 20, 1854, making it the second oldest fraternity still in existence at UNC. The chapter was dormant for some years during the University’s post-Civil War ban on all fraternities and secret organizations. In 1926 Grahame Wood (U. Penn 1895) organized efforts to revive the Xi chapter at UNC.

Xi has thrived since that time.

William C. Prout, brother in St. Anthony Hall, sole graduate of UNC’s class of 1865 and the original owner of the autograph album, presented the signature book to the re-founded Xi chapter in 1927. It has since been kept in the Xi Chapter’s extensive archives and was professionally restored in recent years under a grant from the St. Anthony Educational Foundation. St. Anthony Hall and the St. Anthony Association of North Carolina moved to gift this item to the University Libraries due to its uniquely personal and historically valuable nature as well as its appeal to the University community as a whole.

The autograph album includes the signatures of students who attended UNC from 1862-1865, as well as other biographical data: the names of their girlfriends, their major area of study, the titles of courses taken, and their hometowns. Brothers Prout and Wood later added death dates and annotated some of the entries to identify those killed in
the Civil War.

In addition to signatures of St. Anthony Hall members, the book was passed around to other fraternities at UNC for their signatures. Among the names from these other fraternities are M. A. Curtis, Jr., son of the Episcopal priest and noted mycologist whose family’s notes, diaries, correspondence and other papers are housed at the University Library.

St. Anthony Hall is a literary, artistic and social fraternity comprising a diverse group of writers, artists and performers. Brothers and sisters of St. Anthony Hall are highly active in student life, working at times as editors and staff of the Daily Tar Heel, Phoenix magazine, Cellar Door, LAMBDA magazine, Shakespeare’s Sister, The Sixty-Niner and Yackety Yack; as elected and appointed members of all branches of Student Government; as competitors in intramural and Carolina Athletics sports programs; as performers in a variety of choral and musical groups; and in productions by PlayMakers and The LAB! Theatre.

Sisters and brothers of St. Anthony Hall have also been a part of many literary and artistic organizations in the larger community, including Paperhand Puppet Intervention, The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, The Performance Collective, Internationalist Books, The Somnambulist Project, The People’s Channel and many others. St. Anthony Hall hosts
a Xi Chapter alumni reunion weekend called Swingout every Spring.

Rush and pledge periods are held every semester on a schedule independent from most other fraternity rush periods. Fall ‘12 rush is going on at this time. For information on rush activities, contact rushsta@gmail.com.

Notable members of the Xi chapter include Charles Kuralt ‘55, Anson Dorrance ‘74, Jonathan Yardley ‘61, Peter Gammons ‘67, Jeff MacNelly ’69, and Charlie Scott ’68, the first African-American scholarship athlete at UNC and the first African-American to join a fraternity at UNC.

Known for its support of progressive causes, St. Anthony Hall was one of only two fraternities to sign a pledge not to patronize businesses and restaurants in Chapel Hill unless they desegregated. It was active in the fight to end the Speaker Ban and in the spring of 1971 became the first UNC fraternity to go co-ed.

St. Anthony Hall has eleven chapters around the country, the first of which was founded at Columbia in 1847. In addition to UNC and Columbia, the other schools with chapters are University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, Brown University, University of
Mississippi, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Trinity College, Princeton University and the University of Virginia.

This autograph album is a significant acquisition for the University Archives and does much to help its efforts to document student life at UNC.

“We don’t have many records of fraternities at UNC and only a few from this early in UNC’s history, so this album is a great addition.” said Jay Gaidmore, University Archivist. “Not only are the signatures and information about UNC students during the 1860s fascinating, but the representation of other fraternities reveal important aspects about fraternity life at UNC in the its early years. We really appreciate that the St. Anthony Association of North Carolina has donated such a valuable item to the University Archives and are honored to preserve the album for future generations of Tar Heels to enjoy.”

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Some information on 2011 income and expenses thru July 31 2011


  • Rent: $23,000
  • Donations: $1944.84
  • Interest: $19.35
  • Income from Swingout $4736.64


  • Bank fees: $14
  • Communications: $497.64
  • GC 2012:  $3450.00
    •  deposit on the carolina inn
  • Liability Insurance: $2412.66
  • Maintenance: $6757.13
    • $3100 of this was to repair the kitchen floor
  • Mortgage Interest: $4703.50
  • Mortgage Principal: $3521.90
  • Property Insurance: $1141.00
  • Property tax: $12656.82
  • PO Box: $44
  • Swingout: $4594.5
  • Getting new checks for Special Projects – $10

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SAANC Treasury Manual taking shape

The manual for SAANC Treasury operations is coming together nicely. It is in the xibod wiki here:


If you are a past Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer, or other sibling with advices to give, please feel free to make changes, add stuff, etc. I can take it :) And it will be a better manual for your input.

And for anyone interested in the nitty-gritty-down-and-dirty of how SAANC deals with its finances, it makes good readins.

–LeAnn Sherman Xi 1996

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SAANC Mentoring Program

Mentoring has been a big buzzword lately – from business mentoring, to youth mentoring, and so on. One reads a great deal about “intentional interactions” and “mentee development”. Part of the reason that it’s popping up so much is that it works – although, interestingly enough, it appears to work better when conducted on an informal basis. (See Taking a Hard Look at Formal Mentoring). The St Anthony Association of North Carolina Mentoring Program is designed to be a structured but informal way for Hall members to connect to folks who are not only working in (or retired from) a field they might be interested in but who they might not regularly encounter in their day-to-day.

The pilot group for the SAANC mentoring program will be about 5 or 6 pairs of brothers and sisters. If you are interested in being a part of this group – either now or in the future – please sign up here!

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Brief history break, and apologia

Folks, there hasn’t been much time to write on the blog since Swingout. There’s an issue of  Tony’s Tattler to be produced; mentor program information to upload;  and I find myself sadly behind on various volunteer duties for the Hall.

Fear not, however: I am also working on a potential SAANC benefit members-only mailing that will ROCK your HISTORICAL SOCKS off. This will also be lots of fun to produce  – and read! If you are signed up as a SAANC member anytime before August 1, 2010, you will get this as an exclusive member benefit (though non-members will be welcome to purchase individual issues).

At any rate. One of the fun benefits of having done a lot of poking around in various archives is coming across writings like this: 1962 Funny Minutes. I would like to have it noted that the Annex bathroom floor – the Annex which was only built and completed a year prior – is already being referred to as a garbage pit.

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Swingout 2010 Banquet Attendees at the Carolina Alumni Club

Much, much fun was had by the 75+ attendees of Swingout 2010. If you weren’t able to make it – we missed you! – and you can peruse a small selection of photos at the Swingout 2010 photo gallery.

The biggest change this year was the SAANC member meeting being inserted into a “regular” meeting. Despite some initial hiccups, and some difficulty hearing, I think it went quite well. SAANC president Mike Glover requested feedback from those who were in attendance, and if you want to drop him a line you can do so from the comment form.

The next Swingout is slated for April 8-10, 2011 so mark your calendars now!

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