More snaps for Xi actives for accolades at GC

I just gotta squee, y’all, about how great GC was down in Oxford at the Phi Chapter. Of course, having an army of Phis means one can accomplish pretty much anything; but if you were at the Phi house on Saturday night and then again on Sunday morning, your eyes feasted on an amazing transformation.

Xi actives were out in FULL FORCE, representing as the second largest active chapter attendance after Phi. Xi grads were out in force as well! The GC was witness to the installation of Sis Sandy (Kent) Carielli K’95 as the head of the National fraternity as well as the election of Bro Peter Pendergrass X’07 to replace Sis Elizabeth “Beef” Peacock X’05 on the GC. The representation of Xi on the national level remains strong.

The LD Trophy went to Sis Courtney Coppage X’10; the Ames Singing Award went to the Xi Chapter and the award for Most Improved Meeting went to the Xi Chapter.

I brought my camera for the first time in years and got some decent shots, though Sis Jordan Price X’09 bested me in the quantity department. The bulk of photos can be seen on the Delta Psi Facebook group; if you’re not in the Facebook group, you’ll need to befriend someone who is in it so you can be added. (I’m happy to do that – you can find me on there as KJ Garner.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this shot of all the Xians who were in attendance (and Alex Cook D’74 who snuck in the back of the shot!)

Xi xi xi xi xi
Look at all these beautiful faces.

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GC 2010 FTW

Epsilon, Xi, Kappa at the Epsilon house on Friday night at the GC
Epsilon, Xi, Kappa at the Epsilon house

GC 2010 was a rip-roaring success on so many levels, it’s difficult to elaborate on them all. Xis were very well represented with a large alumni and active contingent. Total figures for the banquet on Saturday night were 270 (!) people in attendance, with about 250 St As registered for the entire weekend. The sessions were long, but much work was done and a robust debate was had. I don’t believe the temperature ever got above freezing (or if it did, it didn’t by much), but the host chapter, Epsilon, greeted everyone warmly and with much enthusiasm.

One of the best arrangements for a banquet I have ever seen: it was on the top floor of the hotel where many people were already staying. Many ribald tales, tons of singing and dancing, a fabulous band and extra classy people.

Did you miss it? Look for pictures coming soon to the National website. Are you on Facebook? Comment here and I can add you to the Facebook St A group.

Xi will be hosting the GC in 2012. Epsilon had a huge contingent of folks who hadn’t been back in years. I hope we can get the word out and make a great family reunion happen.

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GC 2010 is right around the corner

GC 2010 GraphicGC 2010, hosted this year by the Epsilon Chapter at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, promises to be a grand affair. Are you coming? Register and pay online through the National website, then hop on over to the site for updated schedule, hotel and event information.

As of this writing, there are 170 people registered for the Saturday night banquet; in order to get a proper head count to the caterers, the organisers need to know PRONTO if you’re coming! Register today!

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GC 2010: Hartford, CT

The 2010 GC will be held in Hartford, CT, home of the Epsilon Chapter. Dates are Jan 8-9, 2010 with the usual schedule:

meetings followed by debauchery followed by too little sleep followed by “oh my did I really say that?” followed by MORE meetings followed by a lovely banquet followed by the night is over too soon followed by “WHEN is the flight?” followed by catching up with everybody and promises of future visits, and future renewal

Registration will be open soon and available on the National site. You can sign up to say you are coming at the informational site.

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