The Daily Tar Heel :: Ramshead Rathskeller returns

Home of the iconic “Bowl of Cheese” among other questionable gastronomic items, the Ramshead Rathskeller returns to Franklin Street.

Though I personally had never been much of a patron of the Rat, I enjoyed knowing it was there – that someone of my parent’s generation or my grandparent’s generation could have gone there for a meal, or a beer, or just to carve their name in the wall. That I could eat in the same place which once might have hosted Brooke Gardiner or George Strong or Skip Awalt. One of those great college-town establishments that has become harder and harder to find over the years.


Xi 1995 Iota 2014. Currently serving as the VP of Communications for the St. Anthony Association of North Carolina. Former Chapter Advisor, GC member.

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